Maps Hero Review – Getting Started to Instantly Win Local Business Owners’ Trust And Happily Get Paid $200-$500 To Start, with Super EASY and Fast, Instantly to Get Attention Of Local Business Owner, Win Local Business Owners’ Trust and Gain “Expert” Status

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TOP SELLER – Maps Hero By Jack Hopman – A Real Fast Cash Foot-in-the-Door Strategy to Identify A Problem that is Costing A Business $100’s or $1,000’s A Week in Lost Sales and Revenue, and Show The Business Owner A Simple Solution that Will Plug His or Her Profit Leaks, Thereby Delivering Immediate, Visible Value

Maps Hero is A Real Fast Cash Foot-in-the-Door Strategy to Identify A Problem that is Costing A Business $100’s or $1,000’s A Week in Lost Sales and Revenue, and Show The Business Owner A Simple Solution that Will Plug His or Her Profit Leaks, Thereby Delivering Immediate, Visible Value. And Then, Absolutely You will win the business owner’s confidence and You will open his or her eyes to the fact that you are a knowledgeable source of very useful and profitable assistance! Best of All, Actually They will want to know what ELSE you can do to help them and They will be open to, even eager to start learning about your other services. And then You will have opened the door to a business relationship that can add $1,000’s or even $10,000’s per year to your bank account! Absolutely If you have been searching for an easier, more effective way to get appointments with local business owners, then you will love the solutions we have created for you. And Also You’ll Be Amazed at How Easy It Can Be To Boost Your Sales!

Maps Hero

Maps Hero

Absolutely Maps Hero simple system will help you:

  1. Help to Identify Desperate Business Owners With an Urgent Problem That is Losing Them Money.
  2. Help to Contact These Business Owners to Offer Your Quick Fix Solution.
  3. Help to Fix Their Problem in an Hour or Less.
  4. Help to Instantly Bank $200 – $500 with the first service provided.
  5. Help to Gain “INSTANT EXPERT” Status in the Eyes of the Business Owner.
  6. Help to Win the Business Owner’s Confidence and Trust in Your Capabilities.
  7. Help to Upsell Business Owners to Additional Long-Term Local Marketing services.

And Also I’m Going To Let You In On A Little Secret. Actually Maps Hero Will Find Incorrect Name, Address and Phone Number (NAPs) That Are Hurting Them. And Then You can get started immediately! Simply: Just Easily Check Local Rankings, start finding incorrect MAPs that are hurting local rankings, using an offer to fix them:

  1. You Can Follow the instructions in our short tutorial showing how to properly set up and fix Google local business / map listings.
  2. And also We will teach you how to get mister Google himself on the phone to help you fix your clients google listing problem.
  3. You Can Identify businesses that urgently need your help (we show you how).
  4. Able to Call or email the business to offer your help. (We’ve created the email and telephone scripts for you. Just what you need to reach out to these hot local business prospects.)
  5. You Will Get the business owner asking you, “how much does it cost and where do I send the payment?”
  6. You Also Get During This Special Launch
Maps Hero Review

Maps Hero Review

Actually A web presence checklist that you can:

  1. Able to Brand as your own.
  2. Able to Offer prospects as a lead magnet to get them on your email list.
  3. Able to Use to show prospects where their website and overall web presence needs improvement.
  4. Able to Use to educate prospects about the steps they need to take to position themselves at the top of their local marketplace.
  5. Able to Use as a framework/guideline for an initial free or paid consultation.

And Also Areas Addressed In This Checklist Include:

  1. Include Website Design.
  2. Include Website Content.
  3. Include On-Site SEO.
  4. Include Off-Site SEO.
  5. Include Online Reputation.
  6. Include Social Media Presence.
  7. Include Competitive Standing in Prospect’s Local Marketplace.

You can Edit the Checklist however you want, add your name to it, and INSTANTLY establish your credibility as a Local Business Online Marketing Expert!

Maps Hero WSO Bonus

Maps Hero WSO Bonus

Maps Hero Package:

  1. Having A Detailed Step-by-Step Report Showing You Our Simple Foot-in-the-Door “Local Business Hero” strategy that you can use to bank $200-$500 and convert local business owners into long-term clients for your services.
  2. Having A Web Presence Checklist that you can brand as your own and use as a lead magnet or the framework for your first free or paid consultation.
  3. Having A Phone Script and Email Lead Gen Letter that as bonus so you can use to contact prospects and get them interested in your services.
  • Get 3 Awesome Free Bonuses
  • Get Special Free Bonus #1: A Phone Script / Email Lead Gen Letter
    Want a Quick Way to Reach Out to Local Business Owners?
    You will also receive professionally written done-for-you phone and email scripts that you can edit however you want and use to contact local business owners.
    These scripts will help you introduce yourself and offer your Google Business Listing service as a way to help prospective businesses attract more perfect customers…
  • Get Special Free Bonus #2: Exclusive Local Marketing Training Webinar
    I Am Going To Reveal Some Of My Most Closely Guarded Secrets
    The 7 “Must Have” Components For Any Small Business Website
    How To Find Businesses In Any Niche, Waiting To Get Help With Creating A Website
    The Secret Sauce That Can Turn Your Online Business Into Practically Instant Success
  • Get Special Free Bonus #3: Access to my Private Facebook Group
    Access to the 24/7 Guidance of the Private Facebook Group, where you will connect and network with like-minded business owners plus, get answers to your most challenging business questions. You will be able to exchange with other members, receive tips and important notifications.
Download Maps Hero

Download Maps Hero

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