[BEST] Local Lead Detective Review – The Best Lead Generation Tool Produced created To Serve Up The Most Targetted And Accurate Information About Any Business Worldwide


TOP SELLER – Local Lead Detective – The Best Lead Generation Tool Produced created To Serve Up The Most Targetted And Accurate Information About Any Business Worldwide

Local Lead Detective is The Most Complete Lead Generation Tool Ever Produced! Local Lead Detective Has Been created To Serve Up The Most Targetted And Accurate Information About Any Business Worldwide and FAST. Your ONLY Lead Generation Software, Tracker and Acquisition software! The features behind Local Lead Detective add up to create a huge optimized, lead search and monetization machine. Generate leads, email them, then track them to signup. The biggest advantage with Local Lead Detective is that you spend more time on actually signing up businesses and helping them… instead of the drudgery that is lead gathering day in and day out. Generate leads like The US Government Gathers data. Local Lead Detective generates thousands of leads and information about those leads to help increase the chance of signing up that client and dominates any local competitors… All while saving you an incredible amount of time and effort. Local Lead Detective Does It All For YOU!



Local Lead Detective Includes :
1. Push Button Lead Locator

  • Locate quickly thousands of leads in whatever niche you choose that are online,
  • Have Facebook pages,
  • Don’t have Facebook pages,
  • Have Twitter,
  • Have Foursquare,
  • Are on YouTube
  • And more…
  • Not only that but you can find out immediately the businesses address, phone number, website,
  • email address making it simple to compile in seconds a list of quality leads

2. Instant Monetization:

  • Once you have generated the leads you are onto the next step that we call“Instant Monetization”.It’s time to start scheduling your emails to businesses and building your money networks out.This is where we show you everything you need to know in order to start appealing to clients whatever you are offering and establishing long lasting business relationships from the comfort of your own home.

3. Lead Tracker

  • What makes Local Lead Detective really stand out is the fact that you can save and track businesses with ease at WILL. Track your clients right to signup with this simple on click software. You can select the position the client is in, save the lead, wrote notes on each lead, delete leads or organize and categorize your leads.

4. Software Training

  • To cap it all off you’re going to get full access to our revolutionary new system for using Local Lead Detective’s software to generate a ton of leads and sales for your business.
  • This training is going to show you exactly how to use every part of the software effectively. This is going to mean that within a few minutes of getting inside this system you can start successfully generating 1000s of leads.

5. Local Lead Detective Also Included:

  • My simple 3 part converting email I send to businesses about services I offer
  • that gets responded to 50% of the time.
  • Discover how to sign up monthly paying clients for your services all from the
  • comfort of your own home.
  • My 5 step simple signup questionnaire. Once you ask these 5 simple questions
  • businesses are going to jump to work with you.
  • You’re also going to learn a sneaky strategy of how to become a lead broker
  • locally and sell these leads to other consultants.
  • Everything is A – Z and simple to understand. You even get to look over my
  • shoulder as I schedule emails to businesses, what services I am selling to them.


I am the guy behind Social Business Accelerator, a really popular Social Media Marketing site that boasts over 2000 current monthly members. In my time online I have generated a list of over 80,000 subscribers who rely on me and my company to provide the best and most up to date information about Social Media Marketing & Consulting.

The information that I’ve taught to students of mine has resulted in them making into the hundreds of thousands of dollars’ nailing some of the best clients in their local areas.

A big factor of that success has been our ability to teach customers where to find the best most targeted leads they should approach with Social Media Marketing or offline marketing information One of the strategies that has become popular with our subscribers has been the “Social Bakers” Strategy where we use on of the biggest Facebook directories on the web to locate clients then email them.

Local Lead Detective Bonus :

  • BONUS #1 The Offline Consultant Introductory Resources
  • BONUS #2 Special LIVE Training Workshop – How To Use Local Lead Detective To Make Even More Money!
  • BONUS #3 Your getting my last ‘best selling’ product! Social Business Incubator
  • BONUS #4 Premium Support

The Best Powers and features of Local Lead Detective are going to light up your Offline Business like biting into a hot chilli. In a nutshell, here’s an overview of the most important Local Lead Detective features within it’s three modules. You’ll soon see why these features add up to create a massive Lead Machine to give your business an advantage in any market. Be aware that the price of Local Lead Detective will rise continually during this launch, so grab this amazing lead generation software now before the price rises to high. Local Lead Detective have 30 days refund for 100% money back guarantee. Get Local Lead Detective Now.

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Local Lead Detective – The Best Lead Generation Tool Produced created To Serve Up The Most Targetted And Accurate Information About Any Business Worldwide