FB Graph Scraper Plugin v2 JVZOO – Automate All your Facebook Graph Search Activity and Grab More Important Result


NEW RELEASED – FB Graph Scraper Plugin v2 – Automate All your Facebook Graph Search Activity and Grab More Important Result

With all of the Facebook graph search scrapers and Facebook tools released in JVzoo or warriorplus, I thought of sharing some tips and mistakes that I have experienced scraping Facebook using Facebook graph search.

Facebook graph search Tips :

Two most important things to remember:

  • Laser filtering is better done in your ads manager, not the Facebook Graph search. That’s because so far, Facebook Graph Search is still in its infancy and is not bug-free. So, your goal is to get as close as possible with your Facebook graph search to the people you want to reach. If your Facebook graph search sends you to web search, then you are filtering too much for its capabilities. Scrape what you can, and then after you load them into you ad manager, do some more filtering based on age/location/genders/interests or whatever you feel like.
  • Keep your scraped files separate. You worked hard to get them, so don’t risk merging all of them just for one campaign. Be descriptive with your file names, and then join only the files relevant to each campaign before you upload it. Another reason for this is that, yes, Facebook says there is no maximum to the number of UID’s you can upload, but will allow about 10K UID’s to be uploaded at one go.


Search string ideas:
A couple of ideas for search strings to help you get started:

  •     Groups joined by people who like [an Facebook page related to your niche]
  •     Women [or men] who like Pages named [insert your KW in quotes here] who live in [geo location]

Many marketers talk about the importance of visually seeing an avatar for your buyers. For that, you can use:

  •     Photos of people who joined [group name]
  •     Photos of women who like [page name]
  •     Photos of men who like [page name] and live in [location]

Another thing and that took some doing to figure out:

  • When you look for groups use the “joined by” or “belong” in your search string, e.g., people who belong to [Group name]
  • While if you search for pages, use “like”, e.g., People who like [page name]
  • Facebook does not recognize the difference and will send you to web search if you mix up those two.

Other Facebook graph search Tips :
Something else, after you search, you can use the filters to the right of the page to zoom in on your exact target BUT watch the search string that results after you apply the filter. Facebook most likely will mess it up and show you a different result from what you want.

Example1: If you search for members of a group and then filter for photos of members it will give you

  •     photos in [group]
  •     While the string you want to use is
  •     photos of people in [group].

Example2: If you go to user profile and click on ‘groups’ to see what groups they join, Facebook will only return open groups. To see which closed groups they join, you need to go up to graph search and type:

  • Groups joined by [User name]
  • Closed Groups joined by [User name]
  • This way, you can see all the groups they joined. Then, you can use a tool like Facebook Group Snatcher to get UID’s out of closed groups.

Facebook graph search Tips Again :

  • When you get stuck and Facebook keeps on sending you to web search for any reason, start with the group/page only name and do a search just for that. Once you go to that group/page, notice the boldface type in the search box, that’s when Facebook recognizes your search. Then, add a space BEFORE that name in search box. That will preserve the boldface and keeps Facebook focused when you add the other search operators. From there, add your search terms, e.g., add “group joined by people who joined” before the group name.
  • And if you lose the boldface for any reason, no issue, just delete everything from the search box, and click anywhere outside of it on the page, and you’ll get back your boldfaced name.

Lastly use FB Graph Scraper Plugin v2, because it will make you crazy to click again and again at Facebook graph search. Using FB Graph Scraper Plugin v2  will automate your click and better result. So for now, it was must have tools for All Facebook Marketer. You can get FB Graph Scraper Plugin v2 Here :

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FB Graph Scraper Plugin v2 – Automate All your Facebook Graph Search Activity and Grab More Important Result