Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership – Suitable For the Affiliate With A Nose for Trouble and Danger with The Mercenary Guide to Kicking Ass and Taking Names on Anybody’s Turf

TOP SELLER – Affiliate Black Book 3.0 By John Barker – The Most Comprehensive Guide to More Fun, Profit, and 100% Mayhem with An Explosive Compilation of Material Guaranteed to Give You An Advantage Against All Comers

Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership is For The Serious Affiliate, or The Affiliate Ready to Get Serious. And This is For You If You’re Already Producing Results and You Want to Take it Higher OR You Need to Protect Your Turf From A Pack of Rabid Dogs Out For Your Blood.

Inside of Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership, You’re Going to Learn How to launch your own business for under $100 with the potential to earn $25,000 to $100,000 a year! Actually All you need is:
– Absolutely Love
– Also A domain name (~10.00)
– Web hosting (~8.00 per month)
– Email service provider, like Aweber (~20.00 per month)
– $50 or less to spend on highly targeted traffic

And Then Inside of Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership, Actually You will discover the highly-targeted and low-risk process of leveraging the assets of others products and services people ALREADY want to buy to get paid while building the greatest assets any marketer could ever possess lists! Plus also this is just the beginning! In Addition, You’ll deeply learn and comprehend where to look for high converting traffic. Just forget about cheap traffic that you want action-taking traffic. (for your information that Cheap traffic is for guys who like to wear cheap suits. And actually we don’t work with guys who like to wear cheap suits.) You’ll deeply learn and comprehend the six critical criteria for selecting products that are nearly guaranteed to make you money. Actually I’d drop the word “Guaranteed” however you know someone will screw this up, therefore “nearly” is as close as we can get. PLUS you’ll be shown how where to find the best content writers (and actually you’ve never heard this before). Actually Is it how? And also Or is where? It’s both how AND where. This is pretty cool and obvious, but only after you hear the idea.

Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership

And Then absolutely you’ll see how full-time affiliate marketers really make money. Note that They aren’t relying on free traffic, one-off micro-offers and push-button generated websites. And also you’ll read about “The Solution” to get more done in less time. Actually I understand you hear that all the time but this IS good. And then absolutely You’ll discover how to get credited with more commissions from the same traffic. Ssshhhh. 100% We do not talk about Fight Club man. And then also You’ll read the remarkable story of how I went from jobless and broke to $4,000 per month in less than a year and that’s before I really figured out how to work my own system! (Actually, if you had to listen to that maniacal laugh for 8 hours per day you’d have begged to be fired too – don’t judge me.). PLUS absolutely You’ll discover how to get people to buy from you and become YOUR customer that even though you’re selling other people’s products. and you just keep it on the down-low, trust me.

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The Package of Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership:

  • Using the key mindset shifts and tweaks necessary to leave behind the 95% of affiliates that make little to nothing, and join the ones who are doing quite well, thank you.
  • Deeply learn how to pick almost guaranteed winners. Imagine if you could consistently pick winning horses at the track. With picking products to pick as an affiliate if they match these six criteria, you’re nearly a lock to profit right out of the gate.
  • Using The Four Quadrants of Traffic is a system I devised to choose the best traffic sources and how to pitch it. You see, different sources of traffic have a different mindset and if you get this wrong, you’ll lose every time.
  • Learn and implement The Five Levels of Awareness works with the four quadrants of traffic. I’ve built on Eugene Scwartz’s classic methodology to build out of the park converting pages for affiliate offers.
  • Get the best two tops of pages to sell to the people already most ready to buy.
  • Learn and implement three part conversion model and how to build a conversion funnel on your affiliate site.
  • Actually If paid traffic isn’t your thing, no problem. I’ll show you how to develop one piece of content, turn it into ten, and have your traffic machine humming in no time. And if you use this with the Four Quadrants methodology you’re traffic machine will be a cash machine.
  • Find three of my favorite email marketing approaches to write messages people love to read, and cannot resist buying from.
  • Deeply learn all about how I’ve taken a highly controversial tactic called “cookie stuffing” and made it a win-win-win for everyone – plus you’ll likely see your commission double – from the same traffic!
  • Deeply learn The powerful system I swiped from a bona-fide Internet millionaire that teaches you how to target specific pages that help people with specific problems – and how to profit richly.
  • Deeply learn everything you need to know to avoid losing your account, and how to create the exact types of pages Google loves.
  • Deeply learn Bitch Slapping 2015 – my nastiest PPC tactics for dealing with ad competition.
  • Deeply learn How to build hugely profitable NON-email lists you can show countless offers to.
  • Deeply learn Little tricks I use to make my writing razor sharp.
  • Deeply learn How to get free stuff every time you pay your bills.
  • Deeply learn The ways I legally swipe other people’s content and products to add value and close sales.
  • Plus you’ll get my Soda Popper (aka Link Weaponizer) WordPress plugin.
  • PLUS You get access to over nine hours of training videos.
  • PLUS You’ll be invited to join in on four training webinars that detail the systems
  • Learn What I’m using right now to build lists and generate commissions.
  • PLUS You’ll also be invited to Q&A sessions to get any of your questions answered.

Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership WSO

  • PLUS The simple idea I swiped from a millionaire after he got busted by the feds and how you can profit from it, without making the same foolish mistakes he made.
  • PLUS The method for getting paid to build highly targeted lists of subscribers – and then get paid again and again because most people buy more than one thing in their life.
  • PLUS 3 different ways, maybe more, to write copy that’s sexy as me – maybe more sexy than me. We’re talking real, legendary swag.
  • Deeply learn The way to turn unsubscribers into a new list and an ongoing income stream (this is a little creepy, until you start getting pay checks and then you’ll be OK with it).
  • Deeply learn The technique for gathering other people’s tales of woe and misery so you can sell them something to end their woe and misery.

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Affiliate Black Book 3.0 PLUS Membership – Suitable For the Affiliate With A Nose for Trouble and Danger with The Mercenary Guide to Kicking Ass and Taking Names on Anybody’s Turf

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